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“A Life Transformed”

This Story and others are in our November 2013 Thanksgiving/Christmas Newsletter Appeal

Story As Told By Perry W.

“I’ve come from being in a jail cell, homeless shelter, soup kitchen lunches and receiving emergency financial assistance to being gainfully employed as a dish washer with dependable hours of work thanks to the caring folks at Hope Mission,” said Perry W.   By God’s grace, my family has returned in my life.  In addition to the folks at Hope Mission, my Probation Officer and employer have helped and worked with those who are helping me.

I simply had a crisis in life.  After my time in jail I stayed for about a month in the Homeless Shelter of Hope Mission, during the day I worked my community hours at the Mission helping what needed to be done to help others.   I called this, “Thinking time” because they provided food, shelter and clothing

“Recently our electricity was about to be cut off.  My wife accompanied me to the Hope Mission Emergency Financial Assistance Program with our “Notice of Termination”.   After hearing how we had made progress from where we had been, the Mission helpers suggested several ways to reduce our utility consumption for the future.  We cut off our cable service and our daughter adjusted to using the internet service at the library.  We adjusted our thermostat, unplugged appliances and switched off our lights thanks to the suggestions from the volunteers at Hope Mission and yes, they helped keep our electricity on.”

“My life and that of my family have changed because of the empathy shared at Hope Mission,” said Perry W. in a voluntary expression of thanks.   Perry W. also said, “God is more important in our lives, it is He that has given us strength and support.”Perry W. 002 (2)

Perry W. smiled, relaxed, kneeled on the grass and looked to the heavens with watery eyes quietly saying a prayer.  Upon arising, turned, wiped his eyes, face and embraced his new friend who believed in them by listening, offering suggestions,
encouragement and support.

Read our full  Thanksgiving / Christmas Newsletter  to find out more about Hope Mission, those we have helped through your generosity and support and how you can continue to help those who come to Hope Mission with needs such as this.

Gene McLendon, Executive Director

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